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10.02.2011 - 22:48:15
Finally made a "neuRO"-comic. I love stupid puns! Enjoy!
02.02.2011 - 22:27:53

On february 14th went mini-baon to the Valkyre with her lvl 99 alchemist. She played three chars on the same time to change her high merch into a creator/biochemist and to place her in the orc dungeon, so she can brew potions again. Mini-baon ALWAYS wondered if it's a bug that ragnawatch ALWAYS showed only 50% of the exp her vanilmirth made. Now is mini-baons creator/biochemist level 93. Today she realized it... 'cuz today mini-baons merchant-guild is guildlvl 11 instead of lvl 2.

Mini-baons creator/biochemist has taxed since she was a high novi 354 million 248 thousend and 862 exp...

#101 & #103
02.02.2011 - 22:05:25
These two comics are really... really... I don't really like them in the end. But I started the "wake up as a novi on fro" story and have to end it with "coming transfer".
Gnah... well... sheep hat ftw!
Happy new Year!
01.01.2011 - 00:42:07
Happy new year, crappy new year!
Awaiting the transfer to the planet neuRO (I love this wordplay!), hoping Grav will be nice to my wallet since it's always empty... it's the only highlight, that was announced for this year.

Whit this in mind:
Happy new year, may the comming 365 days be full with joy, fun, lvling, rebirth chars, nice woes and maybe a bit of successful real life!
Midgard Explorers Multilingual
30.12.2010 - 16:02:54
Eheheh, my first english news using that crappy radio buttons in my admin panel!
Now, that we are all new children on the planet neuRO, let's celebrate it with... Celebrations!... and bilingual Midgard Explorers!
Since I avoid using php and mysql for the last 2 years it was kind of confusing seeing all these numbers and words and variables and... all these chocolate on my desk... lindt *omnomnom*
If any error occurs (on this site!), feel free to bother me *-*

And today, my first ME I've every made... in english! Or something like that...
Edit says: and comic no.2 done. What a boring evening ._.